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Online Run and Mindset Coaching

Motivating runners of all levels to unlock their potential through the power of positive mindset, and go one step further than they thought possible.

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What We Do

Our Mission

Transform Your Running and Mindset: Personalized Programs by Expert Runner and Mindset Coach Janelle Brade | Achieve Peak Performance with Confidence. Join our Community and Unleash Your Inner Athlete!"

Specializing in online run coaching and athletic mindset programs designed to help runners of all levels achieve their goals. Whether you're lacing up for your first 5K, aiming for a marathon, or pursuing an ultra running challenge, our experienced running coach is here to guide and support you throughout your journey.

We understand the importance of both physical and mental preparation for running a marathon. That's why our training programs not only focus on building your physical strength and endurance but also provide valuable mindset tips to enhance your mental resilience and preparation.

By joining our virtual running club, you become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for running. Together, we create an environment where you can thrive, stay motivated, and enjoy the benefits of training with others.

As your dedicated running coach, we provide personalized attention and tailor-made training plans to suit your individual needs. Our expertise and guidance will help you unlock your full potential and achieve results beyond your expectations. We'll be there to support you, provide accountability, and ensure that you train effectively and safely.

Experience the numerous benefits of having a running coach by your side, from professional guidance to injury prevention and efficient training methods. Start your journey with Motivated in Motion today and discover the transformative power of our online running coaching programs.

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We offer a a selection of coaching packages, designed with a scientific approach by a certified running coach.


Our coaching isn't about just providing a series of workouts. We guide our athletes and equip them with the knowledge they need behind each workout to achieve their truest potential. 


We believe every athlete has an untapped potential waiting to be unlocked. We work with our athletes to transform the powers of their mind so that nothing is holding them back in both training and on race day. 

Running Mindset Coaching Podcast

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Free Consult

Chemistry between a coach and a athlete is extremely important and shouldn't be ignored. We recommend arranging a commitment free consultation with us, to discuss your running background and goals.  This will enable you to evaluate whether Motivated in Motion is a good fit for you.

Who We Are

Coach Janelle Brade

UESCA Certified Run Coach

Our mission is to empower runners of all levels to achieve their goals while nurturing a resilient athletic mindset. We offer personalized online running coaching, athletic mindset coaching, and a range of high-quality athletic apparel designed to inspire and motivate.

Coach Janelle firmly believes that anyone, regardless of their pace, can embrace the joy of running and accomplish their aspirations with the right motivation and unwavering determination.

Whether you’re looking to start your running journey or you’re looking to get that illustrious Boston Qualifier, Coach Janelle is ready to get you motivated in motion. 

 Sports Psychology Specialization

Sports Psychology Specialization 

Mindfulness Certification
UESCA Run Coach Certified
Training Peaks Running Coach Certified
Running Gait Analysis
Certified Running Coach

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