What Our Athletes Say...

Ashleigh B

One-to-One Run Coaching

"Janelle has been such a wonderful and necessary addition to my training. She approaches all of my runs with a positive mindset, and has truly made me believe I'm able to do anything. I've also gained new friends and a running community!"

Talea W.

Athletic Mindset  & Run Coaching

"Working with Janelle has been an absolutely amazing experience. In a very short amount of time I went from absolutely hating the thought of running, and loudly proclaiming I would never be a runner, to genuinely looking forward to my daily runs! Through her mindset coaching she has helped me reframe so much of my mindset toward runs. That in conjunction with running plans that definitely set up for success (as well as challenge me) has been a transformative experience. One I am incredibly grateful for! I cant say enough good things about Janelle! "

Paul B.

Athletic Mindset Coaching

"Janelle definitely helped change my outlook for the better, even after only one session. She helped me realize that enjoying yourself is better than getting down on myself, even if my times aren’t what I would like. I had a great time and I would highly recommend her services! Thank you!"

Jaclyn P.

One-to-one Run Coaching

"I’m really really grateful for your support and encouragement and your constant willingness to give everything you have in your toolbox to my success. You’re always adaptable, offering solutions, making sure my plan fits my lifestyle and my goals, no matter what unexpected things pop into my week. Thank you for being such an amazing, caring and supportive coach. I’m so grateful I found you!"

Uri W. 

One-to-One Run Coaching

"My journey with running started a little over 3 years ago and throughout that time I did multiple races and my only training was either through phone apps and periodical advice from different coaches and runners with years of experience. After my last half marathon I really wanted to work full-time with a coach but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to fit into my schedule and how to go about doing it...

Tamara A.

One-to-One Run Coaching

"I wanted to get back into running after having my daughter and Coach Janelle got me started with the perfect plan built just for me. She is flexible building my plans around busy mom life. She has been able to answer my questions about running and how to improve. I'm really looking forward to crushing my upcoming races this spring thanks to Janelle's coaching and motivation."

Sheera V.

Athletic Mindset Coaching

"Janelle was outstanding in her coaching. She was genuinely interested in where I identified issues in my training journey and provided applicable resources that I could use in my daily routine to overcome some of these challenges. During the session, she provided immediate tactics to leverage and followed up with a handout to continue improving my mental coaching. Janelle is great!"

Angela M.

One-to-One Run Coaching

"Your guidance is great, programming is great…availability is great…can I say anything else that’s great? But seriously, I considered hiring a different coach, and then you said you were coaching and it was a great decision!!"

Mike C.

Athletic Mindset Coaching

"After meeting with Janelle and vocalizing issues I was having with my running I was able to implement her suggestions. Since then I have noticed my ability to run for longer sessions without stopping. A great experience. Janelle was very warm and easy to talk and open up to!!"

Lindsey D. 

2 week trail

”I just wanted to share that in this short week of training it’s already sparked my love for running again. I thought I lost it after my marathon. Thank you for that! Excited for more“