Unleashing Potential through the Power of Running Community

Coach Janelle

The power of a running community is far-reaching, affecting not only our physical stamina but also our mental resilience. As an online run coach, I've seen firsthand how the combined power of a shared passion and positive mindset can mould a runner’s journey. At our core, we believe in the transformative power of the mind – when we unlock its abilities, we become unstoppable.

My journey to becoming a coach has been shaped by personal struggles with my own personal mental health. I've come to live by the mantra, "life is too short to be miserable." I strongly believe in immersing ourselves in what we love, being surrounded by positivity, and leaving behind anything that just doesn't fill our cups. My experiences have led me to develop a coaching philosophy based around empowering the individual and nurturing a resilient athletic mindset.

Online running coach Janelle

Fostering an Athletic Mindset

Every runner has unique mental barriers. It may be the self-talk we engage in during challenging workouts, the race day anxiety that creeps in on the starting line, or the personal challenges that we inadvertently place on ourselves. As an athletic mindset coach, my role is to help identify these barriers and create personalized strategies to overcome them. Through various tools such as positive reframing, visualization, and meditation, we aim to shift the mindset from self-limitation to self-liberation.

Belonging and Empowering

Whether you've been running for a few days or several years, whether you run to stay fit, destress, or compete – our running community welcomes you. Our inclusivity extends beyond our local group runs. We have an online platform that connects, encourages, and cheers on runners from all areas of the world. One such success story is a runner who recently moved from overseas. Upon joining us, they not only discovered new city trails but also forged lasting connections within this amazing group of motivated athletes. 

Motivated In Motion Running Community

Personalized One-to-One Coaching

To provide the most effective support, our One-on-One Coaching provides exclusive access to your coach via various platforms, regular video check-ins, and fully tailored training plans. I take the time to assess your running gait, guide your endurance nutrition, and ensure that the plan aligns with your current abilities, goals, and time commitments. I also provide mindset exercises and other resources to assist you along your running journey. The goal is to ensure your progression not just as an athlete, but as an individual who grows stronger with every step you take.

Embracing the Digital World

By leveraging the power of social media and digital tools, we foster a sense of belonging and self-belief. Our presence across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads celebrates each runner's journey, promoting a culture of positivity and shared successes. Our online group chat offers a safe space for individuals to connect with like-minded athletes, further strengthening our bond as a running community.

Facing Setbacks and Challenges

Setbacks and challenges are the building blocks of any runner's journey. We face them head-on, with the aim to "control the controllables." Our 'visualization with obstacles' exercise helps athletes anticipate and handle potential upcoming challenges, whether in workouts or on race day. This mental preparedness, combined with consistent communication and an understanding of each runner's intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, enables us to adapt their training plan as required.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower runners of all levels and abilities to achieve their goals while nurturing a resilient athletic mindset. We offer personalized online running coaching, athletic mindset coaching, and a range of high-quality athletic apparel designed to inspire, motivate, and create a sense of belonging. 

When you decide to join our community, you're not just signing up for a training plan. You're joining a community that will be with you, stride for stride, on your running journey. Welcome to our running family, where every step takes us closer to our shared goal: unleashing the unlimited potential within us.

Empowering runners through the running community
Online Run coach Janelle

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