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Training Plans courtesy of Motivated in Motion

April 28, 2024

Moose Mountain Trail Race

12 week training plan to conqure 16km of trails.

August 24, 2024

Community Group Runs

Community Group Runs


Community Track Nights

Community Track Nights open to the public


Heroes Unleashed
Cross- Canada Challenge

Community Running event in support of Little Warriors

July19-21, 2024

At Motivated In Motion, we're not just about online run coaching services.....

At Motivated in Motion, we're not just an online run coaching service; we're a community that values inclusivity, diversity, and the shared joy of running. As your coach, Janelle Brade, a certified online run coach in Calgary, I am dedicated to guiding athletes of all levels on their running journey.

Our approach goes beyond the miles. We prioritize the individual, tailoring coaching plans to your unique needs and goals. With a focus on mindset coaching, we believe that a strong mental game is as crucial as physical training.

Join our community events, from local group runs to sponsored races, and be part of a supportive network that encourages each member to thrive. As a virtual run coach, I am committed to providing a platform where everyone feels they belong, no matter their background or running experience.

Motivated in Motion is more than a coaching service; it's a community. Explore the transformative power of online run coaching and mindset coaching with a coach who values your journey as much as you do. Welcome to a community where every step brings you closer to your best self.