How to Break Through Your Running Plateau

Insights from an Online Run Coach and Athletic Mindset Coach

August  30, 2023

Coach Janelle

We've all been there: after weeks or months of constantly training, you suddenly hit a wall. Your pace isn’t improving, those long runs are feeling like a never-ending battle, and that PR (Personal Record) feels like it's slipping further and further away. So, how do you break through that running plateau? As an online run coach based in Calgary and an athletic mindset coach, I’ve got some insights that can help you climb out of that rut and back onto the road of success and progress.

Why Do Running Plateaus Happen?

Before we dive into solutions, let’s first understand why plateaus happen. You might be following a half marathon training for beginners or even a marathon training for beginners, but without introducing variety or focusing on your athletic mindset, plateaus are almost inevitable. They often occur due to a combination of repetitive workouts, inadequate recovery, and mental fatigue.

Break the running plateau

Solutions to Overcome a Running Plateau

1. Switch Up Your Routine

An effective way to break through a plateau is to mix up your routine. If you're always running the same routes at the same pace, your body gets familiar to the activity and stops improving. Consider introducing variety like tempo runs, hill sprints, or even cross-training into your weekly schedule. This small change can offer the physical challenge your body needs to break new ground.

2. Evaluate Your Nutrition and Recovery

A balanced diet and proper recovery can make a world of difference. As an online run coach, I often see athletes overlook these critical aspects of training. Adequate nutrition and sufficient sleep can dramatically affect your performance. If you find yourself in a slump, it might be time to revisit your nutritional needs and recovery protocols.

3. Mindset Matters: Consult an Athletic Mindset Coach

Often, the barrier is not physical but mental. Consulting an athletic mindset coach can give you the tools to break through the mental barriers that are preventing you from reaching your next big goal. Positive self-talk, visualization techniques, and goal-setting are all essential parts of a strong athletic mindset.

4. Get Professional Guidance

Whether you’re in Calgary like me or halfway around the globe, an online run coach can provide personalized training plans that take into account your strengths, weaknesses, and personal goals. Your coach will monitor your progress and adjust your training plan accordingly, helping you get past any plateaus.

Breaking through a running plateau takes a holistic approach, one that combines a change in not only a physical routine, but also a focus on recovery and nutrition, and a fortified mindset. Whether you’re looking for guidance in half marathon training for beginners or you’re well into your marathon journey, consulting an online run coach and/or athletic mindset coach can make all the difference.

Ready to smash through that plateau? Let’s get you back on the road to crushing your running goals!

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