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Chemistry between a coach and a athlete is extremely important and shouldn't be ignored. We recommend arranging a commitment free consultation with us, to discuss your running background and goals.  This will enable you to evaluate whether Motivated in Motion is a good fit for you.

Comprehensive training plans designed to elevate your running performance and... read more.

Access a range of comprehensive training plans designed to elevate your running performance and empower you on your journey towards success. As an Online Run Coach and Athletic Mindset Coach, we are dedicated to providing you with expert guidance and support every step of the way.

Browse our selection of training plans available for purchase directly through TrainingPeaks, a leading platform for athletes. We offer a variety of plans tailored to different needs and goals, including a Half Marathon Plan for Beginners, Reducing Performance Anxiety, Strength for Beginners, and a Learn to Run Program.

Our training plans are meticulously crafted by  an experienced coach to help you train effectively and efficiently, whether you're preparing for a half marathon, aiming to reduce performance anxiety, or looking to build strength for performance. Each plan is designed with a focus on key aspects such as progressive training, injury prevention, and mental preparation.

By purchasing a training plan from us, you'll benefit from the expertise of an online run coach and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. These plans are seamlessly integrated with TrainingPeaks, allowing for easy download and automatic syncing to your TrainingPeaks account. This means you can conveniently track your progress, monitor your workouts, and stay organized with the training plan directly from the TrainingPeaks platform.

Invest in your running journey today and take advantage of our professionally developed training plans. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, our plans are designed to meet you at your current fitness level and guide you towards your desired goals.

Join our community of motivated runners, benefit from the expertise of an online run coach, and unlock your full potential.

Start your transformational running experience now and experience the positive impact our training plans can have on your performance and overall running journey.